'I've Had Loads': Olivia Colman Gets Very Candid About Her Past Use Of Botox

After Vernon Kay claimed to have never had Botox injections, the Oscar winner had no problems opening up about her own history.
Olivia Colman at the premiere of Wicked Little Letters last month
Olivia Colman at the premiere of Wicked Little Letters last month
Samir Hussein via Getty Images

Olivia Colman has spoken candidly about her past use of Botox injections.

Last week, the Oscar winner was a guest on Vernon Kay’s Radio 2 show, during which the presenter and his guest discovered they were the same age.

“Are we?” Olivia remarked upon hearing that she and Vernon were born in the same year. “I look like your mum! Oh my god! You look so young – that’s really annoying.”

“How much Botox have you had?” the former star of The Crown then questioned, to which Vernon responded: “Eh, none! I refuse!”

“Oh, I’ve had loads,” Olivia then disclosed. “Yeah [it hurts] – it’s needles in your face!”

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The Heartstopper actor previously spoke of her “love” of Botox back in 2021, claiming that rather than going under the needle “for a job”, it’s something she prefers to do in between roles.

I didn’t tell my husband [about the Botox] and then for about six months he kept saying, ‘Hello, Pretty!’ and then I told him and he found it hilarious,” she told The Times.

“And then it wore off. It’s temporary. But I’ve always loved faces that aren’t symmetrical and teeth that aren’t flawless.”

An article published in The Sun also quoted an undisclosed “source” who claimed that Olivia stopped having Botox before landing her roles in The Crown and The Favourite “so as to be more in character”.

Olivia went on to win her first Oscar for The Favourite, while her performance as Queen Elizabeth II in the third and fourth seasons earned her two Emmy nominations, including one win.


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