One Boy Recalls The Devastating Moment He Was Hit By An Airstrike In Yemen

One Boy Recalls The Devastating Moment He Was Hit By An Airstrike In Yemen

Zuhair was at a funeral when an airstrike, organised by Yemen’s Saudi-led coalition, hit.

The 13-year-old from Sana’a was severely burned, putting out the flames that engulfed his clothes with his bare hands.

But he was lucky to escape alive - 140 people perished in the attack.

Nearly 1,400 children have been killed in the attacks, which have targeted civilian homes, schools and hospitals since the civil war escalated in March 2015.

I saw people scattered on the floor. They were dead. I saw only half bodies…

On Tuesday, a legal challenge was launched seeking to ban UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia, while Save the Children is calling for an independent international investigation into alleged war crimes by all parties in Yemen’s bitter civil war.

Kevin Watkins, CEO of the charity, said: “There have been clear violations of international law by all parties in this conflict, but the fact remains that Saudi Arabia is a British ally and the Saudi-led coalition is killing children.

“The UK should not be supporting through arms sales a country that is killing children, and bombing schools and health centres.

“We must put a stop to these double standards and halt all arms exports to Saudi Arabia until those responsible for horrific acts of violence against children are held to account.”


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