Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has barred international visitors to Mecca – and for some, the missed chance is heartbreaking.
Trade secretary Liz Truss says Saudi alleged breaches of international law in Yemen were "isolated incidents" and so exports can resume.
Revealed: Academy earned more than £6m from foreign troops last year – a decade high – taking total earnings to £40m since 2010.
Fourteen people in the UK have been tested, with five confirmed negative and nine still awaiting the results.
The Saudi national was killed in Istanbul after entering the consulate in Istanbul lin 2018.
A well-chosen remark would be an important reminder to the country that its human rights abuses aren’t going unnoticed, Amnesty director Kate Allen writes.
This election is a once in a generation opportunity to reshape the whole world for the better, shadow minister for peace and disarmament Fabian Hamilton writes.
Meet the key figures behind the scenes, from a journalist-turned-lobbyist to an evangelical writer, in the effort to preserve the kingdom's image after the killing.