Saudi Arabia

The former president's golf clubs have hosted LIV events and are scheduled for more this year.
Salma al-Shehab is a PhD student at Leeds University and a mother of two.
Republicans have been assailing Hunter Biden for international business work while his dad Joe Biden was vice president even though they have not objected to Jared Kushner’s work.
The foreign office minister hit out after Keir Starmer accused Boris Johnson of going from "dictator to dictator" in search of oil.
Saudi Arabia executed 81 men just days before Boris Johnson is expected to travel to the region.
The prime minister rattled some people with his insensitive joke about Priti Patel's draconian new measures last week.
Now that Saudi Arabia is on the UK amber travel list, here's what you need to know about planning your visit for Umrah.
Saudi Arabia has barred international visitors to Mecca – and for some, the missed chance is heartbreaking.
Trade secretary Liz Truss says Saudi alleged breaches of international law in Yemen were "isolated incidents" and so exports can resume.
Revealed: Academy earned more than £6m from foreign troops last year – a decade high – taking total earnings to £40m since 2010.