10/04/2019 16:57 BST

Oprah Winfrey Says Meghan Markle Is 'Being Portrayed Unfairly' By The Press

The media mogul said the Duchess of Sussex has a "wonderful warm, giving, funny heart."

Oprah Winfrey doesn’t like how Meghan Markle is being treated by some in the press. 

The media mogul appeared on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday to talk about her new partnership with Prince Harry, but she also spoke to co-anchor and best friend Gayle King about the Duchess of Sussex. 

“I think she’s being portrayed unfairly,” Winfrey said of Markle. “I feel that if people really knew her, they would know that she is not only everything you perceive her as being ― graceful and dynamic in holding that position ― but that she just has a wonderful warm, giving, funny heart.

She added: “I see all the crazy press around her, and I think it’s really unfair.” 

King, who attended Markle’s star-studded baby shower in New York City, added that the duchess is “very kind.” 

Oprah attended the royal wedding on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on May 19, 2018. She's currently working on an Apple TV partnership with Prince Harry about mental health. 

“She doesn’t seem to buy into [bad press] though,” King said. 

The duchess has been subject to racist and sexist abuse in some media reports and on social media, prompting the royal family’s accounts to issue new guidelines for followers.

Markle hasn’t personally seen any of the trashy coverage, according to Oprah. 

“She does not read anything, and I think that’s remarkable,” she said. 

George Clooney, who is also close friends with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has previously spoken out on the way the some of the press has treated Meghan, who is expecting her first child within weeks. 

“I do want to say, they’re just chasing Meghan Markle everywhere,” he told Australia’s Who Magazine in February.

IAN WEST via Getty Images
George and Amal Clooney arrive for the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on May 19, 2018. 

“She’s a woman who is seven months pregnant and she has been pursued and vilified and chased in the same way that Diana was and it’s history repeating itself,” Clooney added, ominously warning: “We’ve seen how that ends.” 

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