Optical Illusion: There’s Something Not Quite Right About These Three Girls On A Park Bench

Once you see it, you won't believe you missed it

Picture an idyllic park scene.

Sunbathers, book worms, a smattering of office workers taking lunch.

This charming shot of three friends on a park bench completes the pastoral tableaux.

But wait… because all is not what it seems.

<strong>The Imgur image was shared on Reddit </strong>
The Imgur image was shared on Reddit

(Clue, it’s nothing to do with the distance between the first and second girl, nor the blonde’s frosty body language…)

If you haven’t spotted it, you might be surprised to realise the trio appear to be hovering in thin air - given that there is no seat to the bench.

But before you rush off to Spec Savers, it’s worth bearing in mind that an optical illusion is cheating your brain and not your eyes...