11/04/2017 16:51 BST

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5 Trailer Reveals How *That* Cliffhanger Ends


Netflix has unveiled a new trailer ahead of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ season five, revealing what happens in the minutes after that cliffhanger ending.

We’ve been waiting nearly 10 months to find out what will happen to the inmates at Litchfield, following the final episode of series four, which closed as Daya was pointing a gun at a prison guard.

The riot will see the women rifling through the guards' offices  

And this new clip, which shows the first 60 seconds of series five’s first episode, reveals that she will pull the trigger - though it’s not clear whether she fires at the guard or not.

As Daya takes aim, the riot which began after the death of Poussey continues around her, and the inmates are set to take control of the prison.

Alex and Piper take shelter as a mystery situation develops 

Chaos is set to take over as the women realise how much power they have, and Alex and Piper will soon discover that their plans to remain out of trouble are probably a little too ambitious.

‘OINTB’ series five will see the intensity increased, with the episodes taking place in real-time and charting the events of just three days.

Series five will arrive on Netflix on Friday 9 June. Watch the trailer above...

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