16/10/2017 16:29 BST

Limited Edition Tubes Of Orange Smarties Have Arrived, Just In Time For Christmas

Let's Smartie party 🍊 🙌

If you have a penchant for orange Smarties, you’ll be delighted to hear that Asda is selling tubes of them in the lead up to Christmas.

Nestlé said orange-only Smarties, which are the only Smarties with a distinctive taste thanks to the use of orange oil, are one of the most requested products by customers.

Now, the chocolate brand has made everyone’s dreams come true by revealing that 150g tubes containing just orange Smarties are available to buy exclusively from Asda for £1.

*Cue Smartie-fuelled stampedes across the nation*


Nestlé’s team of consumer service experts, based in York, receive more than 500 requests from customers every day and, for decades, have been inundated by messages from people asking the same thing: “Where can I buy orange Smarties?”

So, to celebrate Christmas and the 80th birthday of the candy-coated chocolate discs, they decided to launch orange-only Smarties.  

Iain Beavis, seasonal confectionery manager at Nestlé, said: “It simply got to the point where we had to make it happen. The orange ones are the only Smarties that have their own flavour and they have their very own cult following because of that. 

“The distinctive flavour also means that manufacturing them in high volume, on their own, is slightly more difficult to do given the different process and recipe required to get that orange-y taste.

“Our experts have been hard at work to make it happen so that 2017 is the perfect Christmas for fans of orange Smarties.”

The tubes are exclusive to Asda stores across the country but fans should move quickly, as apparently the limited run is expected to sell out before the holidays arrive.