Oscars 2017 Vanity Fair After Party: All The Snaps From The Post-Show Bash

It was time for them to let their hair down.

Having sat through the high drama of this year’s Oscars ceremony, you couldn’t exactly blame those in attendance if they needed to cut loose and enjoy a drink (or five).

It’s a good job then that there was a lavish party put on for them after the show finished, courtesy of Vanity Fair magazine.

The winners of Best Picture were celebrating, following the epic cock-up which saw ‘La La Land’ mistakenly given the award, only to have to give it back when bosses corrected the error.

Meanwhile, Best Supporting Actress Viola Davis was busy lighting up the red carpet, where she was seen showing off a pair of fabulous gold platform shoes.

Of course, it wasn’t just the winners and their loved ones who partied the night away, they were joined at the post-ceremony dos by a number of celebs who missed out on an invitation to the main event.

You can see all the snaps in the gallery below...

Oscars 2017 Vanity Fair After Party


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