31/08/2017 17:11 BST | Updated 31/08/2017 19:06 BST

Oval Cricket Match Abandoned After Crossbow Bolt Fired Onto Pitch From Outside Ground

The ground has been evacuated.

A cricket match at the Oval has been abandoned after a crossbow bolt was fired onto the pitch from outside the ground.

The arrow, which had a metal tip, landed at around 4.25pm on Thursday near a Surrey fielder as the team clashed with Middlesex in a County Championship game.

Players alerted the umpires and play was suspended. Many players ran to the changing rooms.

Fans were urged to move themselves to cover as police arrived. The ground is being evacuated. 

People tweeted there were armed police at the scene.

PA Wire/PA Images
Armed police outside the ground

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “There are no reported injuries. At this early stage it is believed that the object came from outside of the ground.

“There have been no arrests. We retain an open mind as to motive.”

Police added they did not believe it was related to terror.

Surrey County County Cricket Club chief executive Richard Gould told Sky News: “We don’t know if were deliberately targeted or whether someone has been irresponsibly firing this sort of thing outside the ground.

“Living and working in central London, the threat is always with us.

“The treat of a crossbow bolt is not something that has ever been faced for as long as I can remember.

“We will review this and see if there are other measures that can be taken.”