10 Things You Only Know When Your Baby Is Overdue

Will it ever come out?

It has been 40 whole weeks, you have paid your pregnancy dues, and now you just want your baby to be out.

But apparently your baby didn’t get the memo because it seems to have taken up permanent residency in your womb. Joy.

Here are 10 thoughts you only have if your baby is overdue.

1. Wondered if your baby might just stay inside you forever.

2. Vowed that you will never take your feet for granted again.

3. Decided you will sleep on your front for the rest of your life.

3. Googled all variations of ‘longest pregnancy ever’.

4. Asked how much curry really is too much curry?

5. Considered having sex even though this is the least sexy you’ve felt since 1997.

6. Known this is the most bored anyone has ever been in the history of the world.

7. Thought about repacking your hospital bag for the seventh time.

8. Hated all your friends who gave birth on their due date.

9. Cursed anyone who comes within 50 yards of you.

10. Wanted to throw your phone at people who texted to ask if it has happened yet.

You will know when the time comes.