06/06/2017 11:18 BST | Updated 06/06/2017 11:18 BST

'Overshadowed': BBC Commissions Kay Mellor To Produce Anorexia-Themed Drama For BBC3

The story will be told through a series of vlogs.

BBC Three is continuing its mission to tell “stories that matter” with a brand new series based on vlogs, exploring the disturbing subject of anorexia.

Kay Mellor (who previously wrote ‘Band of Gold’, ‘The Syndicate’, ‘In The Club’) will executive produce ‘Overshadowed’, based on Eva O’Connor’s award-winning play, which tells the story of a young Irish vlogger called Imogene (Michelle Fox), whose life spirals out of control following her encounter with ‘the monster of anorexia personified’.  

Filming has already begun on the series, which will take the form of eight 10-minute vlogs showing Imogene’s perspective, as her life changes and her mental state becomes increasingly fragile. 

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BBC Three is continuing its mission to tell stories that matter (generic picture)

In the drama, penned by Irish newcomers Eva O’Connor and Hildegard Ryan, Imo used to be sparkly, vivacious and outgoing. Recently however she’s becoming withdrawn, gaunt and obsessed with exercise. The reason? Her new “best friend”. She’s casting a dark shadow over Imo’s life and won’t rest until Imo is a shadow of her former self.

Kay Mellor says: “I am so excited and thrilled that ‘Overshadowed’ has been commissioned for BBC Three. It is such an important, modern story of our times, told in an innovative and exciting way by two young people.

Eva O’Connor and Hildegard Ryan comment: “We hope ‘Overshadowed’ will be a fresh and innovative take on eating disorders and the way they can take over young people’s lives. We feel the YouTube style episodes are the perfect way to chart Imogene’s journey and capture the minds of young audiences.”

‘Overshadowed’ is set to air later in the year on BBC Three. 

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