Ozzy Man Reviews The Rio Olympics 2016 Highlights

"Ah, the Frenchman, he's boarding a flight to destination f*cked."

Warning: Strong language, and that gross video of the guy breaking his leg

‘Ozzy Man Reviews’ has long ruled the internet with its unique selling point - it’s an Australian bloke adding his own aggressive, sweary and colloquial narration to popular videos.

He does TV shows, movies, and pretty much anything else you can think of. As he puts it: “Bloody tellin’ it straight. No bullshit.”

This time Ozzy Man is turning his talents to the one thing you can’t ignore at the moment - the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

We’ve already seen a lot of viral moments, like German football players Butt and Fuchs standing next to each other, a French gymnast breaking his leg and US gymnast Alexandra Raisman’s parents being unable to sit still.

But it’s all even more incredible with the help of everyone’s favourite Australian commentator.