This Packing Hack Will Help You Sneak Way More Clothes On The Plane

Time to cram in those extra bikinis.
wsfurlan via Getty Images

If you’re anything like me, you’ll end every holiday realising that you probably should have bought that extra suitcase space after all.

Even if you’re not a heavy packer, you’ll probably want to find as many ways as possible to bring on extra clothes without facing that annoying extra baggage fee (is having your eye caught by some gorgeous sandals abroad such a crime, people?).

Thankfully, TikToker cheapholidayexpert lived up to her (user)name and shared a genius packing trip ― packing extra clothes in a hollowed-out cushion.

Here’s her advice:

A C-shaped sleeping pillow is probably a better option than a regular rectangular one

The creator begins the TikTok by reposting another video,in which a person stuffed a regular pillow with clothes and brought it on the plane. “I love this hack so much but I do think it’s a bit risky,” the penny-saving prodigy shared.

To be fair, the first option was a bit conspicuous, and as someone with major airport anxiety, it might be one I’d miss. Luckily, Chelsea (the cheapholidayexpert herself) found a hack for all us neurotic nomads.

“I’ve got a lower-risk option for you to try,” she said, before showing us what looks like a normal, C-shaped travel pillow (spoiler alert: scammery and deception lay inside).

“The other day, I saw that (the cushion) had a zip,” she says. So, she opened it up and removed the memory foam cushion before stuffing clothes inside the empty case.

I personally was unaware of the TARDIS-level, Uniqlo-bag-who?-style capacity of these things, but somehow she managed to stuff multiple pairs of underwear, a hat, leggings, tights, and a T-shirt in there.

“So much room,” she said, expertly filling the ludicrously capacious case with a solid one-and-a-half laundry load’s worth of clothing. “Look how chock-a full that is,” she added at the end.

She then smoothed over the case and wore it as a regular cushion (I love women in STEM!). You can see the money-saving mastermind at work here: