Paralysed Kitten Can Now Run Thanks To Lego Wheelchair

Look at him go!

An abandoned kitten paralysed from the waist down can now run and walk thanks to vets who fashioned him a wheelchair from Lego pieces.

The animal was brought into Massapequa Pet Vet, NY, in a macaroni and cheese box, which earned him the name Mac N'Cheez.

Vets say his inability to use his hind legs could be the result of nerve damage - and they decided to help him get around by building him some wheels.

Dr. Ned Horowitz said as soon as Mac was placed in the makeshift wheelchair "we put him on the ground, and he just took off".

“He’s starting to slowly regain some use of his legs,” Horowitz said. “We took x-rays, and he’s on medication to hopefully help him. He’s eating well, he’s very playful, he’s affectionate.”

Mac is currently being looked after by staff at the veterinary hospital, but will be put up for adoption when he's healthy enough.

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