Dad Goes For Shower, Finds Child's Unapologetic Message Inscribed On The Soap

Hint: It's not 'I love you'.

All parents will agree it is the little things that make parenting so rewarding.

The unexpected hug, the discreet ‘I love you’ in the playground, the five seconds of silence when you put their dinner on the table.

Or not.

One lucky father has found the best example of his child’s unconditional love, in his shower.

Posted to Reddit by Be_mused the photograph got some supportive comebacks from other parents who understood only too well.

Grousewind said: “How creative. Now you can rub your child’s insults all over your body.”

Another suggested an equally cutting comeback, Jmunnny said: “Write on the other side; you’re adopted.”

Some just offered their own stories of abuse from their children, with EmpressJess saying: “Yesterday out of the blue my four-year-old daughter told me; Daddy I don’t love you as much as I love Santa Claus.”

Yet more proof that our children are all just plotting our slow and painful demise.

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