10/07/2018 12:32 BST | Updated 10/07/2018 12:32 BST

Babies Are Reportedly Being Sick After Drinking Aptamil Milk Formula –  Here’s What Parents Should Do

The company has set up a helpline for concerned parents.

Miguel Sanz via Getty Images

Hundreds of concerned parents have reported that their babies are being sick after drinking Apatamil formula milk. Parents have claimed that Infants have been vomiting and suffering with diarrhoea.  

Danone, which owns Aptamil, recently changed the recipe of three of its baby milk formulas: Aptamil First Infant Milk powder (stage 1), Aptamil Follow On Milk powder (stage 2) and Aptamil Growing Up Milk powders (stages 3 & 4).

A spokesperson said the company were “very concerned to hear reports of babies being unsettled or unwell and we will investigate every complaint”.

“Some families have not found the transition to the new formula easy”, the company admitted, but said it would like to “reassure parents that the quality and safety of our products is our number one priority”.

“We have undertaken extensive quality and safety checks, including clinical trials, product testing and product experience tests on these products. The results have shown that babies take to this formula well and that it is safe,” a spokesperson told HuffPost UK. 

The company has set up a helpline which concerned parents can call 0800 996 1000, pressing option 0 followed by option 1 for advice. Danone also recommends parents should contact a healthcare professional is concerned.

Online, parents shared their experiences of the new formula. Some claimed the new formula was not mixing well, saying it was like “curdled cottage cheese” and also pointed out the new reformulation contained 800g of powder, a reduction on the previous 900g pack.

A spokesperson added: “We are very sorry about the difficulties that some parents have had. Our experience tells us that when changing what you feed your baby, they may need time to adapt and  have some temporary changes to their digestive pattern.

“We have up-dated the mixing instructions on our packs as this new formula requires parents to mix it up slightly differently, compared to the previous formulation – specifically, shaking vigorously for 10 seconds to dissolve the powder.”