18 Parents Who Really Don't Understand Social Media

Give us strength 🙈

When you combine your parents with the internet, terrible things happen. But for everyone else online, it’s unintentional comedy gold.

From embarrassing comments to ridiculous memes, here are 18 parents who haven’t quite mastered social media (read: Twitbook) yet.

1. The Mum Who Responded To An Automated Tweet Message

2. The Dad Who Used Facebook To Post Indiana Jones Analyses

4. The Dad Who Hasn’t Quite Got The Names Right Yet

5. The Mum Who Is Yet To Learn About Private Messaging

6. The Dad Who Wants To Singlehandedly Alter The Way People Use Social Media

7. The Mum Who Thinks Facebook Gives A Shit About Her Floors

8. The Mum Who Bought Into Those Shareable Facebook Statuses

9. The Mum Who Doesn’t Play By The Rules

10. The Dad Who Sends Weird-Ass Memes

11. The Mum Who Sends Mammoth Images On Whatsapp #RestInPeace4G

12. The Mum Who Live-Streamed Her Big Night Out

13. The Mum Who Shared Mooning Santa Pics With Her Son

14. The Dad Who Hasn’t Mastered The Art Of Caps Lock

15. The Mum Who Shares EVERYTHING On Messenger

16. The Dad Who Is Still Working On His Selfie Game

17. The Mum Who Believes Everything Facebook Tells Her

18. The Dad Who Nobody Understands