25/01/2017 12:19 GMT | Updated 25/01/2017 12:22 GMT

Paris Jackson Discusses Being Sexually Assaulted At The Age Of 14, For The First Time

The teen adds that a "complete stranger" was responsible.

Paris Jackson has given her first ever full interview, and in it, she discusses being sexually assaulted at the age of 14.

Michael Jackson’s daughter is now 18 years old, and in the candid chat, she tells a journalist about the assault.

Thibault Camus/AP
Paris Jackson

Noting that it was a “complete stranger” who was responsible, Paris says: “I don’t wanna give too many details.

“But it was not a good experience at all, and it was really hard for me, and, at the time, I didn’t tell anybody.”

Paris’s teen years have been far from easy, and she also suffered depression and anxiety while growing up, which she says was due to self-hatred, low self-esteem, thinking that [she] couldn’t do anything right, [and] not thinking [she] was worthy of living anymore”, and attempted to end her life.

Paris is now in a much better place, and has begun to embrace her status as a celebrity, making her modelling debut for Chanel.

Earlier this month, she spoke out about Sky Arts’ upcoming programme about a roadtrip her father reportedly took in the wake of 9/11, slamming the decision to have Joseph Fiennes play her father.

The comedy was then pulled from schedules and will not be screened.

Read Paris’s full Rolling Stone interview here

  • Rape Crisis services for women and girls who have been raped or have experienced sexual violence - 0808 802 9999
  • Survivors UK offers support for men and boys - 0203 598 3898
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