Parsons Green Bomber Ahmed Hassan Jailed For Life With Minimum Term Of 34 Years

Victims described still having nightmares about the incident.

Teenage asylum seeker Ahmed Hassan has been jailed for life for planting the Parsons Green Tube bomb which injured 51 passengers.

He was given a minimum term of 34 years, having been convicted of attempted murder.

His device only partially detonated but the judge told Hassan he was “satisfied that you were determined to cause as much death and carnage as possible”.

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said: “You have violated the Quran and Islam with your actions, as well as the law of all civilised people... It is hoped that you will recognise this one day.”

Hassan, 18, was sentenced at The Old Bailey on Friday, after victims testified about their ongoing “nightmares” about the September incident.

Lucinda Glazebrook suffered superficial burns to her face and hands, and has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

She also lost some of her hair after being caught in the blast.

Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed
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In a victim impact statement read before sentence was passed, she said: “I view myself as a changed person. I believed I was going to die.”

She told how she was plagued by disturbing images of the bomb exploding and the face of Hassan.

She said: “When this happens I feel frightened and experience physical reactions including palpitations and breathlessness.”

Daniel Prieto, who suffered burns to his neck and had his eyelashes singed in the blast, said he cannot bring himself to use Parsons Green station because it “brings back bad memories”.

He added that his life had “changed completely”.

Prosecutor Alison Morgan said Prieto had to receive treatment from a psychologist “to overcome the effects of the explosion”.

A CCTV still of Hassan on a train at Sunbury station before his bomb detonated
A CCTV still of Hassan on a train at Sunbury station before his bomb detonated
PA Wire/PA Images

Another victim, identified only as Miss S, has scars that will take up to two years to heal, Morgan said, after suffering 16% burns to her body as the fire melted her tights.

Hassan came to Britain as a refugee and was fostered by a couple in Surrey.

Surrey County Council has said “sorry” over their failings in the Hassan case.

A spokesman said: “Staff from the agencies on the Channel panel met Hassan on many occasions between February 2016 and September 2017.

“Hassan received extensive support from these agencies including mental health and educational support and the panel monitored and reviewed this.

“This was a difficult case in tough circumstances. We have a duty as a county council to provide support to unaccompanied asylum-seeking children who arrive in Surrey and we’re also expected to work with law enforcement agencies and others to help stop people being drawn into terrorism.

“Our work with other agencies in this case wasn’t as good as it should have been and we’re sorry for our part in that.”


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