Pasty Containing Pineapple Wins World Championships - And Brits Aren't Happy

The nation has been rocked.

A pasty containing a controversial filling has scooped the top prize at the World Pasty Championships. The award-winning pastry in the ‘Open Savoury Company’ category contained barbecue pulled chicken with sweet potato, courgette, red pepper, sweetcorn and - wait for it - pineapple.

The Pure Pasty Company from Virginia, US, pipped a vegan yellow Thai pasty from Warrens Bakery and smoked haddock pasty from The Cornish Bakery to the post.

Needless to say the results went down like a lead balloon on Twitter, with some citing the win as “travesty”. Oh the drama.

There were a small number of people that seemed excited by the news, however they were definitely in the minority.

Discussing his award-winning pasty, Mike Burgess, founder of the Pure Pasty Company, said: “We have always been focused on fusion. We love to combine the traditional Cornish pasty with American dishes to come up with new ones.

“The chicken recipe is a progression on some barbecue pork we made and we wanted it to be different from the pork. We were aiming for something spicy with the barbecue sauce and sweet, but not too sweet.”

It seems the British public will never quite get over the addition of pineapple to savoury dishes. A poll by HuffPost UK previously found pineapple to be the most controversial pizza topping by far, followed by bacon and caramelised onions, and shrimp.