Patton Oswalt Responds To Angry Tweeter By Raising £20k To Pay For His Medical Bills

"He’s been dealt some shitty cards – let’s deal him some good ones."

Putting political differences aside, US comedian and actor Patton Oswalt has responded to an angry Twitter user with a hearty dose of kindness – and it’s a story to warm even the iciest of hearts.

When Oswalt criticised a tweet from President Donald Trump, retired Trump supporter Michael Beatty from Huntsville, Alabama, tweeted to say: “I just realised why I was so happy you died in Blade Trinity!” He also referred to Oswalt as a “sawed off little man.

Oswalt looked at the enraged man’s profile and discovered Beatty had recently been in hospital and was crowdfunding to pay for his medical bills. It had got to the point where he couldn’t even afford to buy food.

Then something beautiful happened, the comedian tweeted to his 4.4million followers asking for them to help Beatty out – and in a matter of hours they raised over $28,000 (£20,000) to help him pay his medical expenses.

Patton Oswalt
Leon Bennett via Getty Images
Patton Oswalt

“Aw, man. This dude just attacked me on Twitter and I joked back but then I looked at his timeline and he’s in a LOT of trouble health-wise,” Oswalt tweeted on Thursday.

“I’d be pissed off too. He’s been dealt some shitty cards — let’s deal him some good ones. Click and donate — just like I’m about to.” He then included the link to Beatty’s Go Fund Me page.

In December, Beatty spent two weeks in hospital with sepsis. He explained on his crowdfunding page: “I was in critical condition.”

The retired veteran claims he had a brush with death during that time and ended up in a coma: “Until Friday the 21st I was not actively conscious. I did ‘wake up’ Friday and started working my way back.”

During his recovery, his kidneys were not functioning properly and he couldn’t stand up without being sick.

Michael Beatty
Michael Beatty

Beatty said the illness had progressed because he hadn’t managed his diabetes properly. He also developed diabetic ketoacidosis during that time, a serious issue that occurs if a person’s body starts to run out of insulin.

After Oswalt tweeted about his plight, Beatty was inundated with donations from complete strangers. “Patton. You have humbled me to the point where I can barely compose my words,” Beatty later tweeted.

“You have caused me to take pause and reflect on how harmful words from my mouth could result in such an outpouring. Thank you for this and I will pass this on to my cousin who needs help. A cascade.”

He also thanked the people who had helped him: “I want to thank everyone who came to my aid with generous outpourings – and also to @pattonoswalt without whom I would not be the recipient of so much love and support.”

After the influx of donations, Oswalt called on others to pay the kindness forward, tweeting: “What a great way to end the day ... Maybe find a GoFundMe for a furloughed government worker who’s feeling the pinch? Or make a big-ass haul o’ goodies to your local food bank? Something? Anything?”

Now that’s the spirit.

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