Paul Gascoigne Opens Up About Alcohol Relapse, Reveals He 'Passed Away' In Rehab

'I get texts asking, 'Gazza are you dead?'”

Paul Gascoigne has opened up about his recent alcohol relapse, after photos were printed in the press showing him covered in bruises with blood on his face.

Speaking to Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan on ‘Good Morning Brtiain’, the football legend revealed he was doing better after what he described as a “blip”, and was once again getting support for his addiction.

Gazza went on to describe his past struggles with alcoholism, explaining: “You mentioned there so many times in rehab but people forget I've been there for Red Bull, I’ve been for Calpol, I’ve been for no reason sometimes. I think I've only been in rehab really seriously three times for the drink side of it you know.”

<strong>Paul Gascoigne appeared on 'Good Morning Britain'</strong>
Paul Gascoigne appeared on 'Good Morning Britain'
Ken McKay/Rex/ITV

When asked about his most recent stint in rehab, he revealed: “Three years ago, that was when I was in Cottonwood [a rehab centre in Bournemouth] when I passed away apparently. I thought that would be enough, some people get it quite early and get this addiction under hand.

“After that last one [relapse] I said to some, ‘God I’m glad the papers didn’t get hold of it’ and then they sent us a photo and I went, ‘oof’. Sometimes that helps, seeing myself that way… when I’m actually in it, I don’t realise how bad I actually am.”

He also admitted: “I get texts asking, 'Gazza are you dead?'”

<strong>Paul Gascoigne with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid</strong>
Paul Gascoigne with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid
Ken McKay/Rex/ITV

Last year, ‘Gazza’, a documentary about Paul Gascoigne’s turbulent life, and his successful footballing career, which he suggested can often be overlooked.

Watch his full interview here:

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