Paul McCartney Remembers The Early Days In 'This Is It, We Are The Beatles'

The songwriter remembers first meeting John, George and Ringo.

Paul McCartney is stepping back in time, being reunited with his former Beatles bandmates, via Virtual Reality, while he describes their very first encounters.

Sir Paul describes the early days with his friend and songwriting partner John Lennon, when they were just "two guys walking in Liverpool with guitars on our backs, dreaming of the future, whatever it might be, hoping that someone might actually listen to our songs".

Sir Paul is in clearly reflective mood, saying he has "beautiful memories of those early times".

This halcyon chapter in the Beatles' lives serves as contrast to the later difficulties experienced by the superstar bandmates, when they broke up and Paul turned to drink to deal with the sadness of it all, as he revealed recently.

<strong>Paul McCartney is in clearly reflective mood in his new music</strong>
Paul McCartney is in clearly reflective mood in his new music
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The songwriter has filmed these virtual reality videos as part of the upcoming launch of 'PURE McCartney', a career-spanning compilation album, each of these VR experiences delve into the stories behind some of Paul’s most iconic songs.

'Early Days' is taken from the album 'Pure McCartney' released 10 June 2016. Tap the first picture below to open the slideshow:

Beatles Christmas Show in 1964

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