You Can Now Buy Highlighters Shaped Like Penises And Vaginas

Behold, the 'Netflix And Chill' palette.

Novelty highlighters are big news in the beauty world at the moment - we’ve had rainbows, pizzas, and now... genitals.

Yep, thanks to makeup brand BSC Cosmetics (the BS stands for bitch slap, fyi), we can now rub shimmering penises and vaginas all over our faces.

First they invented the ‘Deep Throat’ four-pack of penis printed highlighters:

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Then they brought us the ‘Cream Glow’ stick highlighters (which really resemble these penis-shaped lipsticks - sorry, ‘Lipdicks’ - already on the market).

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But customers soon pointed out the lack of gender equality.

“I have one question: Where’s my vagina blush?” one asked, and - behold - ‘Vajj’ highlighters were born

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The penis and vagina highlighters are all available to buy together in this, aptly named, ‘Netflix And Chill’ palette.

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What will they think of next?

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