Penny Penny Says He Is Grateful For The Support Of His Fans

Viewers will get to see what happens when Papa Penny goes grocery shopping for healthy food items with his wife.

Disco heavyweight, ward councillor and reality TV star Penny Penny says he is grateful to his fans for all the love they've shown him since the first season of his show "Papa Penny Ahee".

The 57-year-old, whose real name is Eric Kobane, told HuffPost SA that without his fans and supporters, there is no Papa Penny.

"I was not expecting people to fall in love with me. For me, what you see on and off camera is the same person. I'm not scripted -- I'm just a muTsonga man going about my day like I would on any normal day –– and for people to show interest in that aspect of my life, I'm grateful," he said.

Papa Penny, as he is affectionately known, said he hopes to inspire people to take care of their homelands. In true Penny Penny style, he urged people not to abandon where they come from.

"Showing off my Gaza palace is my way of reminding people that you can turn your own rural home into just about anything you want. Most people living in the cities and townships are from villages -- I am passionate about homelands, and I hope they can realise from watching my show that there's beauty in 'going back home', because Joburg is already full of people."

He urged people to continue supporting him by not only watching and tweeting about the show, but also by learning from it.

"I hope I can inspire you to work harder and speak the things that you want into existence. I hope you learn that it's okay to be you and let people love you for who you are. Also, don't change for anyone –– you are fine just the way you are," he said.

Speaking of his music, Papa Penny said he was adopting a new sound through his new genre, "heavy gum" (because his earlier sound was "bubblegum") –– under which he has released the song "Gold Bone", which he said will soon be on Youtube.

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Asked whether a third season of the show is on the cards, he said it was dependent on what his fans want.

"If the people of Mzansi say they want more of Papa Penny, then that is what they will get," he told HuffPost SA.

On the latest episode, which airs this Wednesday night, viewers will get to see what happens when Papa Penny tries to change his hairstyle. He later takes his wife grocery shopping for healthy food items.

"Papa Penny Ahee" airs every Wednesday on Mzansi Magic (channel 161) at 8pm.


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