People Are Just Realising That This Line In Titanic Was Actually Improvised, And I'm In Shock

This piece of Titanic film trivia sailed right past me until now.
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The film Titanic has so many unforgettable scenes packed into its three hour long runtime that it’s hard to ever choose a favourite — though I think dancing in the ship’s basement might just cut it for me personally.

Then there’s the dialogue. The unforgettable lines such as, “I want you to draw me like one of your French girls”, or “Where to, miss? ‘To the stars’” but there’s one that really captures protagonist Jack’s spirit and it’s actually early on in the film.

At the start of the film, Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, runs onto the bow of the ship, outstretches his arms and exclaims: “I’m the king of the world!” before breaking into howls and whooping.

That perfectly delivered line was actually improvised.

“I’m the king of the world” was improvised in the Titanic movie

According to director James Cameron who appeared on the BBC’s Movies That Made Me to discuss the film, the team had been trying to find the ideal thing for Jack to say in that moment and nothing was quite making the cut.

“It was just coming up snake eyes,” the director admitted. “And I said, ’Alright, I’ve got one for you. Just say, ‘I’m the king of the world,’ and just spread your arms out wide and just be in the moment and just love it and just celebrate it and love it.’ And [Leo] goes, ‘What?’”

Which, to be honest, is quite fair.

While this line is now very iconic, it makes sense that such a cheesy utterance was a hard sell to somebody playing an important role in a James Cameron film.

However, James’s risk paid off as it’s now one of the most quotable lines in the film, even over 25 years (sorry) later.


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