22/02/2017 10:56 GMT

This Beautiful Celebration Of Interracial Love Is What The World Needs Right Now


Weekend Images Inc. via Getty Images

People from all ethnicities and races are celebrating their interracial relationships on Twitter with #POCinlove (short for ‘people of colour in love’).

The hashtag was created last year by Twitter user @BeautyInColor, but she decided to revive it again this ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Since then, hundreds of people of colour have shared photos of themselves and their partners to celebrate their relationships and the strength of their love.  

Spoiler alert: it’s wonderful. 


Regardless of sexuality or race, the message is that love wins. 

The owner of @BeautyInColor started the hashtag after she noticed that romantic novels only ever seemed to feature white people in love. 

“There’s not many stories out there about couples who are Arab and black or Filipino and Mexican or just black and black or Asian couples,” she told BuzzFeed.

“There’s really nothing about poly and LGBTQ+ couples that are people of color either.”