13/01/2017 12:51 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 13:07 GMT

People Are Sharing This Stunning Photograph Of A Martian Impact Crater

But what's its back story?

It might be seven years old, but this stunning photograph of a Martian impact crater never fails to impress. 

The colour-enhanced image, which presents the Victoria impact crater in never-before-seen detail, is currently doing the rounds on Imgur and Reddit.

The crater, which was explored by the Opportunity rover for two years up to August 2008, is understood to be around 800 metres wide and 70 metres deep.

The image captured by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter back in July 2008 at a slightly oblique angle, revealing new details about the crater’s wall.

“Layered sedimentary rocks are exposed along the inner wall of the crater, and boulders that have fallen from the crater wall are visible on the crater floor,” according to a NASA feature on the image.

The floor of the crater is made of a striking field of sand dunes.