People Can't Stop Tweeting About The Most Hated Job Interview Question Of All

No one enjoys explaining a gap on their resume.

Explaining an employment gap on your resume during a job interview can be tricky. How honest should you be about that time you got laid off or the toxic job you left in a hurry?

Careers experts have told HuffPost that it’s best not to be evasive or get drawn into a long conversation about the hows and whys of your employment gap. The goal is to briefly mention it when asked, then pivot to all your industry-relevant skills and the experiences you gained during the time between jobs ― because you always want to take an opportunity to stand out as a candidate.

But if you want the unfiltered version of what to say, head to Twitter, where people are poking fun at this common interview question. Here are some of the funniest tweets about what people really want to say when a hiring manager asks this question:

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