'Lost In Space': Why People Have The Hots For This Netflix Robot

Hubba hubba.

People are lusting over the unlikeliest of TV characters: the robot from Netflix’s reboot of ‘Lost In Space’.

The metal man has stirred all kinds of feelings within viewers of the show - and we’re not talking about your bog standard feels of happy and sad.

People have described the robot - who has zero facial features, big arms and a spiky back - as “hot”, “sexy” and some even went as far as saying he’s got a “nice butt”. Here he is in all his hench glutes glory.

It would appear that the robot’s build, particularly his buttock area, is the reason for most of the lusting. Some even think Netflix made it that way on purpose.

But Netflix itself thinks everyone has lost the plot. The US Twitter account told viewers: “Y’all need Jesus.” This woman’s dad probably agrees...

Many are standing by their attraction to the bot, who (let’s face it) has come a long way since the original series of ‘Lost In Space’ in the sixties - it’s a transformation that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Men’s Health.

The 'Lost In Space' robot has come a long way.
20th Century Fox Television / Netflix
The 'Lost In Space' robot has come a long way.

It seems hot space robot will join the likes of the “hot” fish man from ‘Shape Of Water’; any tall, blue creature from Avatar; and “sexy” C3PO in the most fanciable monster stakes. Ahh humans.