Daters Reveal The 'Dumbest' Reason They Broke Up With Someone

'He didn’t like Beyoncé.'

Sometimes a relationship can be going really well when one little thing makes you question why you ended up dating in the first place.

From spotting a partner’s gross flossing habit to realising FIFA is better than date night, people on Reddit have been sharing the “dumbest reason” they’ve ever broken up with someone.

Check out some of their hilarious responses below.

fotostorm via Getty Images

The Txt Tlker

“He was really nice, but when we got to speaking on Facebook and text he could barely spell anything, and didn’t find grammar necessary. I felt bad until he called me a bitch.” - lolsasha

The Stingy Student

“Christmas was coming and I didn’t want to get her a present. I was 13.” - stuntmonkey420

The Football Fanatic

“FIFA had just come out and I genuinely forgot about her since we had only just started going out.” - LiquidFootie

The Bad Baker

“I had a relationship end over fruitcake that I refused to eat on the grounds that cherries should not be green.” - Earlgreyhhot

The Awkward Turtle

“He was my first kiss and I’m so socially awkward I had to end it because I felt embarrassed.” - Nightthunder

The Concerned ‘Cougar’

“He was younger than me by nine months. It’s so dumb, but we were a lot younger. I felt like a cougar.” - callingallmen

The Celery Enthusiast

“Celery. Can’t stand the stuff. She insisted on sitting up in bed, smearing cheese spread on celery sticks and munching away. She had to go.” - RajBandar

The Dedicated Fan

“He didn’t like Beyoncé.” - lenasaurus

The Intense Gazer

“She looked me in the eyes during sex in a really intense, weird way.” - OhLongJohnson84

The Loud Laugher

“She laughed at her own jokes. But I don’t mean a little titter, or a giggle - I mean a full on ‘I’m a dolphin and I require the Heimlich manoeuvre’, HAWWWWWWWWWWWK.

“It wasn’t that she wasn’t funny. She actually was. But every joke and anecdote was ruined by that impending dread, that soon, The Dolphin would rise from her throat and HORK all over the punchline.” - SpantasticFoonerism

The Farting Family

“We were sat watching TV and her mother farted. At this point we were only together for four weeks. We both looked at each other and laughed. I think from me laughing she thought I was okay with it (I found it really gross). She farted... on me. I quickly asked to go to the toilet and left the house immediately.

“I got calls and texts from her asking me to come back. Hell no. I finished it over text. Classy.” - Chogged

The Hungry Flosser

“Was close to moving our stuff in together, saw her flossing in the morning and she was eating the shit she flossed out of her teeth.” - thegauntlet

Thinking Negatively

Bad Relationship Habits