23/01/2017 17:09 GMT | Updated 23/01/2017 17:09 GMT

People Share Their Game-Changing Cleaning Tips, From Removing Mug Stains To Cleaning The Shower

Mrs Doubtfire would be proud.

Let’s face it, no one likes doing chores but we all want tidy, relaxing homes - especially if we’re expecting guests.

To cut down the time we all spend scrubbing stubborn stains, people on Mumsnet have been sharing their top cleaning tips.

Try out these life hacks and prepare for domestic bliss. 

Add A Scent To Your Vacuum Cleaner 

“Put a few drops of mint, lavender or rose oil in the hoover bag to make the house smell fresh and lovely as you vacuum.”

- AshesandDust 

Clean The Shower While You’re In It

“Clean the shower while you’re in it. Game-changer. Saves masses of time.”

- EIsbethTascioni  


Remove Burnt Bits On Pans With Soap

”[For] really sticky burn-on bits on a pan that won’t come off: put it on a low heat full of soap and water. As it simmers the sticky bits will come off, and it’s quicker than soaking for days.” 


Clean Your Kettle With Vinegar

 “White vinegar in the kettle, boil, leave over night or as long as you can, top out and rinse in the morning. You can even save the vinegar to use again. Gets rid of all limescale.”



Make Sure Every Item Has A Home

”Make sure there is a place for everything in the house and regularly make sure it’s put back. We have a cleaner but the night before she comes we all have a group manic 30 mins where everything goes back where it should, not just in the cupboard but in the right tub or basket.”


Declutter Your Wardrobe 

“At the beginning of the year turn all the hangers in your wardrobe the opposite way round, in a year’s time and you’ve been through all the seasons, anything hanging on an opposite and therefore not used, get rid of it.”

- sugarplumfairy28 


Don’t Forget The Dusting

”I wipe skirting boards with my feet (wearing socks) when on the phone. Whenever I plug something in or unplug it I wipe dust off the top of the plug socket.”

 - Armi 


Put Silica Packets In Shoes

”Save those little pouches of silica you get in everything and put in old socks to dry out wet shoes.”



Clean Mugs With Bicarbonate Of Soda

“A teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and hot water in stained mugs and teapots removes stains safely.”

- user1484574450 

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