People Share The Worst Adult Tantrums They've Seen


Adults can be big babies sometimes and this thread proves it.

Redditors have shared the most outrageous adult tantrums they’ve ever witnessed - and they’re a solid 10 on the embarrassment scale.

From the woman who lost it because an ice cream parlour didn’t have her favourite flavour, to the manager who stormed out of his restaurant after losing patience with a customer, prepare to gasp hard.

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1. “My dad’s wife cried, screamed, and threw plates around the house because my dad took me out for lunch after school and didn’t drive 25 miles home to pick her up first so he could take her too.”

2. “We were trying to have a nice family session of Cards Against Humanity and my father just couldn’t accept it when his cards weren’t chosen.

“He would rant and rave every time his card wasn’t selected which climaxed when my mom picked a card other than his. He screamed and argued why his card was clearly the superior one and berated the card my mother chose.

“It was sad and the last time we attempted any kind of family game with that man-child.”

3. “When I worked in an ice cream shop, we had one day a year with free ice cream. Free cone day is messy and we have volunteer scoopers, as such we had a concern about cross contamination from ice creams that had common allergens such as peanuts. So to solve the issue, we took anything with peanuts off the menu for the day.

“So one year, this grown-ass woman comes through the line and orders an ice cream that has peanut butter brickle in it. Well 1) no peanut ice creams on free cone day and 2) that particular flavour hadn’t even been made in years. I have no idea why she thought she would find it with us.

“When we told her we didn’t have it, she started berating us about not having her favorite flavour. Then when we didn’t magically produce it (because we couldn’t) she started screaming. Then crying. She started ranting to the entire store that this was the worst day of her life and everything always went wrong for her.”

4. “The worst was an older woman in church who made a big scene because she walked in and found a family sitting in ‘her’ pew. After decades of sitting in that very pew, she threatened to leave the church and never come back if those people didn’t get up and relinquish what she believed to be rightfully hers.”

5. “I worked at an airport bookstore. My county had just created a 10 cent charge for bags, and explaining this to non-locals (everyone, basically) was hit and miss. Some took it as nothing, others lost their fucking mind. This lady lost her fucking mind. Blonde, mid 30s, midwest from the twang. She bought a pack of gum or something small and I asked her if she wanted a bag. She said ‘no’.

“I gave her her change and she just glared at me and asked me where her plastic bag was. I said we don’t carry plastic, we have paper and it’ll be 10 cents. She is yelling about why and how and this is stupid and I’m stupid and I don’t know how to do my job, the works. My shift is ending and my boss is behind me, a coworker coming to take my register, and the three of us watch this lady go beet red in the face over 10 cents. She eventually took her gum or whatever and stomped out of the store towards the gates.”

6. “In Asia, in a popular mall, a grown-ass woman rolled on the ground kicking and screaming when the grown-ass man she was with refused to buy her regional jewellery.”

7. “A guy I worked with once upon a time didn’t react well when he was told he wasn’t getting the overtime shifts he’d applied for. He called the female supervisor a bitch, and when she told him to shut the fuck up he started sobbing. Head on the desk, fists beating the desk, toddler-style sobbing. Then he went and sat in car and said he wasn’t coming back in until she apologised for swearing at him.”

8. “I had two coworkers argue about setting up a virtual machine as both started working on it and were kicking each other out of it by accident. Finally, ‘Tom’ walked over to ‘Jerry’s’ cube.

“T: I think we’re both working on the same server. Do you mind if I finish it.

“J: Well I have the ticket, I should finish it.

“T: It’s really no problem, I see you don’t even have the checklist up and I already do. I can finish it.

“J: I have the checklist and I have the ticket. I’m going to finish it.

“T: I’m pretty sure I took that ticket. Would you pull up the ticket manager and check?

“J: No. I’ll finish the ticket.

“At this point Jerry accidentally clicks on the ticket manager and it shows Tom has the ticket. Tom points this out. That’s when Jerry screams ‘NO’ and grabs the monitor and pulls it down to the desk. He then covers the monitor with his body. The both look over at me since I’ve been there the longest and start arguing who should take the ticket. All the while Jerry keeps batting Tom’s hands away from the monitor. These were both men in their 40s.”

9. “A paralegal and Secretary A at work approached Secretary B for help with locating some documents needed for an urgent settlement that was taking place in the next couple of hours. Secretary B asked if it could wait as she was about to go on her morning tea break.

“She was informed that it could not, as it was required in the next couple of hours. Secretary B then stood up, yelled at the top of her lungs about people interrupting her tea break, including some random expletives, threw her empty mug on the ground, stormed out of work and didn’t return for a week.”

10. “A new guy working in the kitchen at the pub I bartended at started screaming and yelling one day because the jar of garlic was in the wrong fridge. Literally freaked the fuck out on the kitchen manager, then stormed through the busy pub screaming that we were all useless, and he made sure to finger me and tell me to fuck myself on his way out.”

11. “My boss at the restaurant I was working at got extremely angry at a customer ordering over the phone so he slammed the phone on the counter multiple times, jumped up onto the counter, jumped off and ran out of the front door... all in front of customers.”