People With Alzheimer's Disease Share The Memories They Never Want To Forget

'I'll hold onto that for as long as I can.'

For many of us our memories are the most precious thing in the world.

So for people living with Alzheimer's disease, the prospect of forgetting both happy and sad times is difficult to deal with.

In the video above, the team at Cut Video ask a group of people who have been diagnosed with the disease to share some of their most treasured memories from the past.

The volunteers share their happiest childhood memories, reveal what their first kiss was like, and then share their saddest memory.

The camera operator then asks them to share one their more recent memories, which proves more difficult for some.

"I can't think of one right now," one woman says, with tears in her eyes.

"It's an Alzheimer's moment."

The volunteers then reveal the things that they never want to forget.

One woman says forgetting her children is her biggest fear, while a man says he doesn't want to forget the moment he married his wife.

"I don't want to ever forget that, we looked each other in the eye and I'll hold onto that for as long as I can," he says.

Visit the Alzheimer's Society website for more information and support about living with Alzheimer's disease.

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