Revealed: People's Greatest Pet Peeves Including Nail Filing, Chewing Gum And Finger Marks

'People who double click when they should single click.'

People have come together to reveal their biggest pet peeves on Reddit. And it’s safe to say, we humans get pissed off really easily.

From slamming doors to the word ‘replenish’ (yup, really), here’s what they had to say.

1. Texting Inefficiencies

“When I’m texting someone and ask two questions in the same message but only receive an answer for one.”

2. Morning Cat Licks

”My cat woke me up once by licking my eyelid. It only happened once and nine years ago, but it was such an awful feeling that I still have nightmares about it.”

3. Cutlery Malfunctions

”When people scrape their teeth on a fork when eating.”

4. Styrofoam Noises

”The sound of styrofoam scraping against cardboard. Like when you have bought something fragile or whatever and you have to lift the styrofoam from the box and it sounds so dry and squeaky. Ughhh.”

5. Nail Filing

”I can’t stand the sound of someone filing their nails.”

6. Finger Marks On Anything

“Finger marks on windows, door handles and other shiny objects.”

7. Smelly Food Fingers

”The scent of food on my hands... I love oranges, garlic and onions but that lingering scent even after washing my hands drives me crazy.”

8. The Word ‘Replenish’

”The word ‘replenish’. I’m getting pissed just thinking about [it].”

9. Unnecessary Noise Makers

“People who make unnecessary noises. Chewing. Slamming shit. Don’t know how to walk on the balls of their feet. Just shut the fuck up.”

10. People Who Chew Gum

“I can’t stand people chewing gum. It makes me nauseous.”

11. Loud Popcorn Chewers

”People in the theatres who don’t shut their fucking mouth before they crunch their popcorn. It’s simple... open mouth, insert said corn, close lips... then chew.”

12. Empty Ice Cube Trays

”When someone doesn’t re-fill the ice cube tray with water after using the last ice cube. They just... put it back. Empty. In the freezer. I don’t understand it and it infuriates me. Ice literally makes itself, it’s so easy. I just got so mad thinking about it that I need to go take a walk.”

13. Coins On Top Of Notes

“When someone giving me change hands me coins on top of paper money, especially in a drive-thru.”

14. Avid Mouse Clickers

”People who double click when they should single click, and vice versa.”

15. Uneven Hoodie Strings

“I hate hate hate when people have hoodie strings that are uneven. Like, how do you walk out the house like that? Fix that shit.”