The People's Negotiation: Should There Be A Second Referendum?

The People's Negotiation: Should There Be A Second Referendum?

With just one year until Brexit, and with politicians and experts still arguing over critical details around the UK’s departure from the EU, HuffPost UK turned to the British public to help solve some of the big issues. From immigration and the customs union to a second referendum, HuffPost UK is bringing you The People’s Negotiations to give clarity to what the UK should look like after Brexit.

The UK voted to leave the EU in June 2016, but what Brexit actually means has been the subject of seemingly endless debate by politicians and pundits since.

But should the people get a say on the final outcome in another referendum? That is certainly the belief of some Remainers, who feel the public should be able to accept or reject the outcome of the Government’s negotiation with Brussels.

Even high-profile Brexiteers such as Nigel Farage have floated the idea of another vote, believing it is the only way to stop pro-EU activists from continuing to campaign against the June 2016 result.

Polling by YouGov shows more people are opposed to another referendum than support, with 43% saying there should not be another vote in a survey published in March, as opposed to 36% who support the idea.

Our People’s Negotiation shows a range of views, with even some Remainers not backing another vote.


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