26/03/2018 07:10 BST | Updated 26/03/2018 10:29 BST

The People's Negotiation: Your Views On How Immigration Should Work After Brexit

'We need freedom of movement,' say some, while others tell HuffPost they would prefer 'England back for the English'

With just one year until Brexit, and with politicians and experts still arguing over critical details around the UK’s departure from the EU, HuffPost UK turned to the British public to help solve some of the big issues. From immigration and the customs union to a second referendum, HuffPost UK is bringing you The People’s Negotiations to give clarity to what the UK should look like after Brexit.

It was one of the key issues ahead of the referendum, but with one year to go until Brexit it is unclear what immigration system should replace the current arrangements.

Theresa May has ruled out an Australian-style points based system being introduced across the board, despite Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson calling for such an arrangement in the Brexit campaign.

If the Government hits its target of getting net migration below 100,000, the voters of Clacton will be happy, with many of those we spoke to believing immigration levels are too high.

Net migration has actually fallen since the referendum, and the latest figures from the Office For National Statistics show the numbers coming from the EU dropped by 47,000 in the year to September 2017, leaving the figure at 220,000.

Alongside this, 130,000 EU citizens left the UK - the largest exodus since 2008.

Some voters in Cambridge - which overwhelmingly backed Remain - believed keeping freedom of movement was essential, as immigration is net boost for the economy.

Therein lies the challenge for Theresa May: how do you reduce the numbers coming to the country to work, without impacting the economy.