Immigration Issues

Home secretary’s proposals branded “a stain on 'global Britain'”.
Anti-immigrant policies are more pervasive than ever. But at every step, campaigners are working to protect the most vulnerable.
The UK is doing everything it can to keep refugees out of the country – and spending millions to do so, writes Lauren Crosby Medlicott.
Misinformation is rife in public conversations around asylum seekers. Here's the truth behind the claims we hear most often.
There is a hell of a lot wrong with Britain’s asylum system, but the answer is not Priti Patel sending the Navy in.
Centres holding unaccompanied children are a darker, more secretive corner of our immigration detention system, Matthew Leidecker writes.
Removing it would be the first step to undoing the moral vanity of “Britishness”, Arianne Shahvisi writes.
MPs brand huge hike in immigration health surcharge "shameful".
The government has set out its new points-based immigration system, which includes a salary threshold of £25,600. Home secretary Priti Patel has suggested that staff shortages resulting from lower immigration can be filled by people who are “economically inactive” in the UK. We spoke to Sophie Walker, Chief Executive of the Young Women’s Trust, to hear how these new policies will affect women most of all.
People voice fears that Shamima Begum’s banishment tells people with foreign descent that they are not fully British or fully accepted.