Period Colouring Book Smashes Taboos On Menstruation With Honest Illustrations

Bloody brilliant.

A new colouring book aims to smash taboos around menstruation, by detailing intimate details around periods.

The book, aptly named the ‘Period Coloring Book’, was made by public health practitioner Andrea Yip.

She believes periods have had a “bad reputation for being gross, annoying and inconvenient” for far too long.

“I wanted to create the ‘Period Coloring Book’ as a way to embrace, celebrate and reflect upon our shared experiences with menstruation,” she says on her crowdfunding page.

“From leaks, cramps, cups and pads to period sex and free bleeding, this book aims to help start more open and positive conversations.”

Period Coloring BookIndiegogo

The no-holds-barred book covers topics from PMS and “period poops” to period underwear and period showers.

Yip picked the topics after getting her closet friends to open up about their experiences of menstruation.

“After speaking with some friends, I realised that there wasn’t a lot of conversation out there about people’s lived experiences with periods, so I started to illustrate these moments,” she says.

“As I began to show illustrations to people, I found that they would spark intimate conversations about periods.

“I hope that the book can be a fun way to help people reflect upon and talk about their own experiences.”

She’s recently reached her crowdfunding target of $2,500 (£2,020) to start producing the book for the masses.

We can’t wait to see it hit shelves.

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