This Person Did Something Weird With Their Feet On A Flight (And The Internet Is Not Okay With It)

Big fat nope.

Forget snakes, ‘Feet on a Plane’ is the new real-life horror story the internet’s both obsessed and disgusted with.

The tale began when Jessie Char, from San Francisco, travelled on a plane and noticed two empty seats beside her. So far, so normal.

When she turned to look again, she was horrified to find a pair of bare feet had taken residence in the space.

Char tweeted a photo of her new travel companions with the caption: “Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare”.

After her initial tweet, which was shared more than 3,000 times, things got even weirder...

At this point in the storytelling process, the internet lost its shit.

One person came up with a bizarre method of ‘claiming’ the feet. (Not weird at all.)

The ordeal even prompted others to dig up memories from foot-filled flights they’d tried hard to forget.

This must never happen again.