Peter Andre Shares Adorable Photo Of His Daughters On Holiday In Cyprus

So cute.

Peter Andre has shared a touching photo of his two daughters holding hands on a family holiday in Cyprus.

The 43-year-old was relaxing at their Cypriot home when he captured the adorable moment between eight-year-old Princess and her half-sister, two-year-old Amelia.

Andre posted the pic on Instagram with the caption: "My two beautiful daughters taking a stroll in our Cyprus home gardens Wonderful times :))"

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The pair were both wearing cute pink outfits and Princess had her hair in a fish tail braid.

During the show Junior didn't hold back from asking his mother, rather directly, about her high-profile break-up with Andre.

He said: "You’ve been married three times, and when you say the words ‘I do, I’ll be with you forever blah blah blah’, and you say you mean it, why do you end up going, ‘you know what no, no’."

Princess said that she was happy with her current family set-up, but Junior added: “I do like it, but can you tell me why you broke up with dad? Would you like to share that?”

Price replied, cooly: “I have told you why. I don’t care, I told you why. He thought I was with another man, and when you’re older you can read about it.

“You know what I say, I’ve got nothing to hide.”