02/10/2018 08:53 BST | Updated 02/10/2018 10:24 BST

Former Eurotunnel Boss Saved By Passerby After Being Pushed Onto Train Tracks, Court Hears

A man is on trial for attempted murder.

Cultura RM Exclusive/Dan Dunkley via Getty Images
The incident occurred at Marble Arch station (file photo)

Ex-Eurotunnel boss Sir Robert Malpas was saved by a passerby after being pushed onto tube train tracks, a court has heard.

The 91-year-old suffered a fractured pelvis and a head wound after the 27 April incident, which occured when Paul Crossley, 26, shoved him with both hands, jurors were told.

The next train was due in just one minute when Riyad El Hassani jumped onto the tracks at Marble Arch station. He suffered a burn on his hand after touching the electrified rail, but managed to get Sir Robert back to the platform edge, where other members of the public helped him up.

The court heard Crossley had tried to push another passenger, Tobias French, onto the tracks earlier on the same day.

Crossley denies two charges of attempted murder and one of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm. He has pleaded guilty to attempting to wound Sir Robert.

In his police interview, he answered the question of why he did it with “I had no sleep”, the Old Bailey heard.

Sir Robert was walking along the platform wearing a distinctive raincoat, when – according to prosecutor Benjamin Aina – Crossley “approached at speed and pushed him with two hands, sending him sprawling across the platform and down on to the track, landing in the pit below the electrified track”.

“Members of the public saw a large amount of blood escaping from a large wound to the top of Sir Robert’s head, while he was lying in this position,” he added.

“Mr El Hassani bravely left where he was stood and ran down the platform and then jumped down on to the tracks.

“As he landed he threw his hand forward to stop himself falling and he briefly touched the electrified track, causing a burn to his right hand.”

The cut on Sir Robert’s head required 12 stitches and he also suffered bruising on his face.

The trial continues.