28/02/2018 12:16 GMT

Peter Miles Dead: Former 'Doctor Who' Star Dies Aged 89

He played Davros’ henchman Nyder in the sci-fi series.

Former ‘Doctor Who’ star Peter Miles has died at the age of 89. 

The actor, best known for playing Davros’ henchman Nyder during the 1970s, passed away at his home last week, it has been confirmed. 

Peter Miles played Nyder on 'Doctor Who'

A message posted on his official Twitter page read: “It is with great sadness that I have to inform you Peter passed away peaceful at home, last week at the age of 89.

“He didn’t suffer & was full of his usual love of life last time we spoke. Thank you all for your interest in Peter, it meant a lot to him, he was always touched.”

Peter first appeared in ‘Doctor Who’ in 1974, in the Tom Baker story ‘Genesis Of The Daleks’. 

He went on to have multiple roles in the sci-fi series, later popping up as Dr Charles Lawrence in the Jon Pertwee-era serial ‘Doctor Who And The Silurians’, and as Professor Whittaker in ‘Invasion Of The Dinosaurs’. 

He also provided his voice for ‘Doctor Who’ audio drama ‘The Paradise Of Death’, the ‘I, Davros’ series and the ‘Sarah Jane Smith’ audio episodes.

Peter also had roles in other TV series including ‘Z-Cars’, ‘Warship’, ‘Blake’s 7’, ‘Bergerac’ and ‘Moonbase 3’, with his stage credits also including work with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Katy Manning, who played played assistant Jo Grant alongside Jon Pertwee’s incarnation of the Doctor, was among the first to pay tribute, calling Miles “a truly lovely man & a fine actor” on Twitter.

Terry Molloy, who played Davros, also wrote: “So sad to hear that Peter has gone. Such a lovely funny man. We giggled a lot when we worked on ‘I Davros’. Sleep well Nyder!”

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