I feel as though I need to state the obvious: there is huge potential for tragedy if this experiment goes wrong.
We need to remedy this situation as a priority. We have to look after the people who are trying to look after us, writes Dr Mohammed Khaki.
Dr. Claire Karekezi will return to her home in Rwanda in July as the first and only female neurosurgeon in the entire country.
He played Davros’ henchman Nyder in the sci-fi series.
In the operating room I heard them say, “We’re losing her.” I thought to myself that they were right, that if I could see myself on the table, that perhaps I was already lost."
A tumor ruptured in my liver, and in the space of two hours I went into multisystem organ failure
In such situations a thick skin can be invaluable for a doctor
She walked into the clinic room and promptly exclaimed “Another new one? Are you going be as useless as the last doctor I