28/02/2017 13:12 GMT | Updated 28/02/2017 13:50 GMT

Philip Hammond Attacked For Sexism After Branding Labour MP 'Hysterical'

'Nothing to do with the condition of my womb traveling to my head'

Philip Hammond has been accused by a Labour MP of trying to “diminish women” after he branded her “hysterical” in the House of Commons.

Mary Creagh hit out at the chancellor today for his response to her question about whether British companies were preparing to move to Ireland to avoid Brexit.

“My question on the register of companies in Ireland had nothing to do with the condition of my womb traveling to my head - as is the traditional ‘hysterics’ rhetoric,” she told Hammond.

“I expect that sort language from the sketch writers of the Daily Mail not from the Chancellor off the Exchequer.”

The former shadow cabinet minister added: “This sort of sexist language used to diminish women who make a perfectly reasonable point - that is the sort of language that would not be used had I been a man.”

Hammond said if what he had said caused “any offence” he would “withdraw them unreservedly”.

Speaking earlier, Hammond had dismissed Creagh’s question. “I would urge her not to be hysterical about these things,” the chancellor said.

“Many companies are making contingency plans, including setting up and incorporating subsidies in other EU countries. It is another step all together to moving jobs and enterprises abroad.”

John Bercow said Hammond had not been out of order to use the word “hysterical” - but added there was “a difference between order and taste”.