Piers Morgan Demands Michael Fallon Pay Him £1,000 For Losing Brexit Bet

'Come off it Fallon'

Michael Fallon appeared to try and wriggle out of a bet with Piers Morgan on Monday morning.

During the EU referendum campaign, Morgan asked Fallon on ITV’s Good Morning Britain whether he would match a cabinet colleague’s £1,000 wager that David Cameron would not quit if the country voted for Brexit.

Morgan told the defence secretary today: “Mr Fallon I want to take you back to something that you and I discussed before the referendum, a little bet we made about what may happen afterwards.

“You now owe me a £1,000,” he said. “I will take cash or a cheque.”

Fallon replied: “I need to think hard about that just to check the transcript Piers.”

But Morgan was having none of it. “Come off it Fallon, you’re not welching on this bet.”

Back in February, Morgan interviewed Fallon.

Morgan asked: “I had a £1,000 bet with John Whittingdale [the then culture secretary], your colleague, earlier, that if the referendum was lost that David Cameron, in my view, would have to give up his job, would have to resign, would you also take the £1,000 bet?”

Fallon told the GMB presenter: “Yes, those who are opposing staying in Europe have made that clear.”