25/05/2020 08:27 BST | Updated 25/05/2020 09:37 BST

Piers Morgan Bans Government Ministers From GMB After Dominic Cummings Saga

The Good Morning Britain host has branded those who defended Cummings "morally bankrupt" and "cowards".

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Piers Morgan has announced that he has banned cabinet ministers from appearing on Good Morning Britain “until further notice”.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Piers has made headlines with his no-nonsense approach to interviewing MPs, repeatedly holding the government to account over the way they have reacted to the crisis.

This included over the weekend, when he tore into the Tory MPs who had defended Boris Johnson’s aide Dominic Cummings, after it was revealed he had gone against the government’s advice by driving from London to Durham during lockdown.

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Piers Morgan

Having already slammed their “cowardice” and “moral bankruptcy”, Piers has now announced that he’ll no longer be allowing them to appear on the ITV daytime show.

The divisive presenter wrote on Twitter on Sunday night: “In light of today’s developments, I am regretfully forced to ban all cabinet ministers from appearing on @GMB until further notice.”

He added: “[The] only exceptions will be those who didn’t publicly support Cummings breaching a lockdown that the Govt forced on the rest of us ‘to save lives’.”

Piers has since taken specific aim at the prime minister, writing: “Boris Johnson is done. 63k people dead on his watch from a virus his reckless complacency & negligence failed to contain. 

“Now he tells the British public their lengthy lockdown effort was all a waste of time, just to save his lying hypocrite aide.”

Earlier this month, Piers was left fuming over an apparent government ban on ministers appearing on Good Morning Britain, tweeting: “The UK Govt has banned any ministers from appearing on @GMB after a series of them made complete fools of themselves in the face of basic & important questions.

“This is a pathetic & cowardly response to THEIR shameful incompetence.”

His comments came after more than 3,000 complaints were made to the TV watchdog Ofcom following two interviews with Care Minister Helen Whately on GMB in April.

Another 600 viewers also complained about Piers’ interview with Health Secretary Matt Hancock around the same period.

However, the regulator announced they would not be taking the matter any further, noting that Piers is “well-known for his combative interviewing style” and viewers would expect him to challenge senior politicians.