19/07/2017 12:15 BST | Updated 20/07/2017 11:08 BST

Piers Morgan Criticises David Walliams’ Decision To Turn Down ‘Life Stories’ Interview

The pair have never exactly seen eye to eye.

Piers Morgan and David Walliams aren’t exactly the best of friends, so it’s unsurprising to learn the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge has turned down the offer to appear on ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’. 

The outspoken TV personality has spoken out about David’s decision not to sit down for a chat on his ITV show, instead appearing on John Bishop’s ‘In Conversation With...’ on the W channel.

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Piers Morgan and David Walliams

Speaking to the Daily Star, Piers quipped: “He obviously prefers a much smaller audience.”

The pair have regularly traded blows in the press since David succeeded Piers as a judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

David once described Piers as one of the nation’s “most unloved things” remarking: “He comes between farts and rats - which I think is unfair on rats. 

“My guess is that Piers Morgan will still be unloved for generations to come.”

Piers later hit back, saying: “He makes sure we constantly know he does a lot for ‘charidee’ (all filmed for television, of course) in between writing books for the kiddies and camping it up on ‘BGT’ where he constantly, and with no apparent sense of irony, questions Simon Cowell’s sexuality.”

While Piers has also taken the chance to boast about his audience, ‘Life Stories’ has hit a slump in recent years, with figures way down on the six million it attracted when it first began in 2010. 

An episode featuring Boy George that aired in February this year pulled in just three million. 

By comparison, John’s series has attracted 1.1m - a solid figure for a show on a digital-only channel.

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