Piers Morgan Slammed By Jon Snow Over Fake News Comments

'This from a man who got sacked for making up news!'

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has hit out at Jon Snow over his new fake news series, in which the Channel 4 News journalist will explore the social media phenomenon.

Piers Morgan and Jon Snow had a Twitter spat over fake news
Piers Morgan and Jon Snow had a Twitter spat over fake news

He cheekily reminded the C4 man of an incident in 2011 when Snow mistakenly suggested Morgan had been sacked from CNN.

At the time, Snow apologised for the error:

But Snow was absolutely having none of it when Morgan criticised him.

He tweeted:

Snow was referencing a scandal in 2004 when the Daily Mirror, of which Morgan was the editor at the time, published images it claimed were of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners.

In a statement at the time, Trinity Mirror said that although the pictures were published in “good faith” and the photographs had been “absolutely believed” to be genuine, it emerged that they were actually part of a “calculated and malicious hoax”.

Morgan was fired over the incident.

Following his dismissal, the Mirror published a front page with the headline “Sorry, we were hoaxed”, explaining: “Iraqi PoW abuse pictures handed to us WERE fake.”

But Morgan has remained steadfast in refusing to apologise over the issue.

In response to this week’s spat with Snow, he pointed to an incident where an Iraqi man was found to have died after suffering an “appalling episode of serious gratuitous violence” in a “very serious breach of discipline” by UK soldiers.

Morgan insisted: “It was all true.”

Channel 4 has dedicated this week to exploring the phenomenon of fake news.

The broadcaster found in a survey that only 4 per cent of respondents, shown three true and three fake headlines, could accurately differentiate them all.

Watch the trailer for the series, featuring Snow, below...


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