23/01/2017 11:47 GMT | Updated 23/01/2017 11:48 GMT

Piers Morgan Gets Politely Schooled By Maria Miller Over Everyday Sexism

This is an absolute masterclass.

Maria Miller had a brilliant response to being interrupted by Pier Morgan while discussing Donald Trump live on television on Monday morning.

The Conservative MP was in the middle of responding to Piers Morgan’s claim that the women’s marches which took place around the world on Saturday were “pointless” when the Good Morning Britain co-host began talking over her.

She said: “I think you have to accept that what Donald Trump has said throughout his leadership campaign about women, the way he treated Hillary Clinton, calling her a nasty woman, really does demonstrate that-”

But Morgan spoke over her: “She called everyone that supported Trump a ‘basket of deplorables’, it’s a two-way street. Why is she allowed to call people a ‘basket of deplorables’ and get away with it and when Trump criticises people who support her, he’s the bad guy?”

Piers Morgan interrupted Maria Miller during the segment on Good Morning Britain

But rather than getting frustrated with the outspoken broadcaster, Miller, who is chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, calmly explained: “You know there’s one thing that women in this country have to deal with every day. which is everyday sexism.

“Being interrupted constantly is one of the ways that that that comes to light so if I can just finish my point?”

After the interview, Miller followed up with a number of tweets...

She was also widely praised by many online for her handling of the situation...

This is not the first time Morgan has come a cropper over his remarks on the women’s marches.

His claim that the marches were “anti-democratic” rubbished by the Guardian’s political editor Anushka Asthana on Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show.